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Practice from the Monastic Tradition
Mary Margaret Funk

Written from her deep experience in the monastic tradition, Sister Mary Margaret Funk shows us that, with faith and our given vocations, we are more than strong enough to resist and renounce the violence in the world around us. This book offers, both for personal use and for the broader community, a teaching for our troubled times, a teaching that empowers the reader to renounce violence in all its bold and subtle forms. As a concrete example, Funk retrieves the practice and symbolism of using holy water to bless, cleanse, and free us from violence wherever it is emerging-in our personal lives and in our world. This practice has thrived in the monastic tradition and has a language with a voice.
2018 pb 144pp R257.00

Listening In as They Talk with One Another
James O. Chatham

The Psalms’ insights are remarkable, unexpected, eye-opening. They have vital things to say to us if we listen intently to the ancient wisdom, much of which has been lost to modern ears.
Using the insights of the “shape and shaping of the Psalms” work done by Psalms scholars over the past twenty-five years, James Chatham presents an inviting study for non experts to explore the interactions that various psalms have with one another. The book invites us to listen in on several psalm conversations, to realize how contemporary they are, and to join them. Chatham encourages us to immerse ourselves in the mind, heart, and world of the Psalms editor, to get to know those editors well, and to realize that their world was, in important ways, very much like ours. Through this process, the messages spoken by the Psalms editors emerge with words of faith about everyday issues in human living, both then and now.
2018 pb 132pp R287.00

The story of Father Laurence McDonnell SDB and the selflessness of the Salesians of Manzini

For more than two decades, Fr Larry, Irish Salesian priest and headmaster of Salesian High School in Manzini, Swaziland, was instrumental in the growth and development of hundreds of Swazi boys, as well as many from South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe who sought refuge in Swaziland during the apartheid era. Many of the boys whose lives he touched, are now prominent policy, political and business leaders in South Africa and in the region. The key period in this account is from 1970 to the mid-1990s. As a deeply religious person, caught up in struggle politics, while trying to give the boys in his care the best possible start in life, Larry’s roots in the Irish struggle for liberation from British rule and the trauma of the 19th century potato crisis, gave him an acute consciousness of SA’s liberation process. The book also explores the parallels between the Irish, South African and Swazi histories, covering aspects of education, family, culture, governance as well as politics. 
2018 pb 346pp black and white illustrations R250.00

James H. Cone

James H. Cone is widely recognized as the founder of Black Liberation Theology—a synthesis of the Gospel message embodied by Martin Luther King, Jr., and the spirit of Black pride embodied by Malcolm X. Prompted by the Detroit riots and the death of King, Cone, a young theology professor, was impelled to write his first book, Black Theology and Black Power, followed by A Black Theology of Liberation. With these works he established himself as one of the most prophetic and challenging voices of our time.
In this powerful and passionate memoir—his final work—Cone describes the obstacles he overcame to find his voice, to respond to the signs of the times, and to offer a voice for those—like the parents who raised him in Bearden, Arkansas in the era of lynching and Jim Crow—who had no voice. Recounting lessons learned both from critics and students, and the ongoing challenge of his models King, Malcolm X, and James Baldwin, he describes his efforts to use theology as a tool in the struggle against oppression and for a better world.
“As Martin Luther King said, we must learn to live together as human beings, treating each other with dignity and respect, or we will perish together as fools. There is no other choice. I choose life.”
2018 pb 186pp R395.00 

A Book of Reflections
Genevieve Glen, OSB

The Bible presents a landscape rich with characters whose stories and prophecies, wisdom and woes, parables and prayers describe our very human struggle to know and respond to the love of God. Repeated reading and retelling make these texts familiar, and yet we encounter them anew in these fresh, intimate, and sometimes startling reflections by master storyteller Genevieve Glen, OSB.
Sr. Genevieve writes with a vivid and poetic imagination. Drawing on her life of monastic prayer and the practice of Lectio Divina—a life saturated in Scripture—she pulls us deeply into these stories. Sauntering through this holy ground with her we enter small villages and busy towns, sheepfolds and gardens, a nomad's tent and a rich man's house, a stable in Bethlehem and the great temple in Jerusalem. Most of all we encounter the transforming message and mercy of God in Jesus Christ.
2018 pb 140pp R226.00

Pope Francis

Each day Pope Francis says Mass and offers a short homily for fellow residents and guests in the chapel of St. Martha’s Guesthouse, where he has chosen to live. Through these accounts of his morning homilies, drawn from December 2, 2014-March 25, 2015, it is now possible for those who were not present to experience and enjoy his lively manner of speaking, and his capacity to engage his listeners and their daily lives with the joy of the gospel message.
Rather than the voice of a pontiff addressing the universal church, we encounter a pastor sharing the Word of God with his immediate flock - a shepherd, but also a fellow disciple on the way.
2018 pb 120pp R270.00