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Practical tools to strengthen your preaching and teaching
Michael White and Tom Corcoran
Authors of Rebuilt

A parish doesn’t just communicate its mission from the pulpit. Teaching and preaching also happen in classes and small groups, in bulletins, on the church website and social media, and through volunteers who welcome visitors through its doors. The authors address priests, deacons, staff, volunteers and parishioners and once again give a book to inspire, equip and engage our leaders. 
In their latest book, Rebuilding Your Message, White and Corcoran, award-winning authors of the bestselling books Rebuilt and Tools for Rebuilding, share dozens of strategies to help priests, staff, volunteers, and parishioners establish and sustain excellent communications in Catholic parishes in order to better proclaim the irresistible and life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ at every level. 
“If you are passionate about finding new ways of messaging and thus building the Kingdom of God in your parish, then this is a must-read....”
-Tom Hurley, Pastor of Old St Patricks Church, Chicago
“Communication is everything and everything is communication. I wish I had read this book eighteen years ago as I was starting out in parish ministry. Read this book, absorb it, and take control of your message!”
James Mallon, author
“Not only preachers and teachers but every parish leader and engaged Catholic should read this book”.
Thomas Wenski, Archbishop of Miami
2015 pb 212pp R290.00

The story of a Catholic Parish
Awakening the faithful, Reaching the lost, Making Church matter!
Michael White & Tom Corcoran

Drawing on the wisdom gleaned from thriving megachurches and innovative business leaders while anchoring their vision in the Eucharistic heart of Catholic faith, Fr Michael White and lay associate Tom Corcoran present the compelling and inspiring story of how they brought their parish back to life. They offer a wealth of guidance for anyone with the courage to hear it.
“White and Corcoran are stunningly honest, insightful about the real problems facing parishes today, and passionate about helping your parish become the best version of itself!”
- Matthew Kelly, author of Rediscover Catholicism
“If you love your parish,read this book”
- Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York
2013 pb 292pp  (Sold Out)

75 really, really practical ways to make your parish better
Michael White & Tom Corcoran

In their first book, they shared their story and their vision for building better Catholic parishes. Now, in their eagerly anticipated second book, Fr White and lay associate Tom Corcoran lay out 75 proved tactics for getting the job done!
“A must-read and a must discuss for parish ministers!”
- Kevin Irwin, Former Dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, Catholic University of America
2013 pb 297pp R229.00

Ten practical strategies for Catholic parishes
A Rebuilt parish book
Christopher Wesley

Christopher Wesley is on the front lines of youth ministry at Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland - the church at the heart of the bestselling book, Rebuilt. He refocused an unpopular youth program and made it one where teens feel connected, stay involved, and grow in faith. 
In Rebuilding Youth Ministry, Wesley offers ten indispensable strategies to help others make their youth programs just as successful.
"What I love about Chris Wesley is that this book isn't simple theorgy - he knows what he's doing and he has shared his simple and practical tools to help us build a dynamic and more effective youth ministry for our churches. This book is a gift!"
- Doug Fields, author of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry
"This will be an invaluable resource for those working with youth today."
- Denis J Madden, Auxilliary Bishop of Baltimore
2015 pb 119pp R152.00

Because we need more than another graduation
Christopher Wesley

In Rebuilding Confirmation, Wesley shares how to reimagine Confirmation preparation in new or existing programs so that teens will become active members of the Church.
Rebuilding Confirmation is perfect for use with existing middle or high school Confirmation programs, including popular curriculum-based programs such as Chosen, Decision Point, and Called to Mercy.
Wesley offers fixes for the structures and habits that fail youth in many Catholic parishes, shares his own successes and failures, and provides great ideas and practical tools to help the newly confirmed set a course for their future in the Church.
2017 pb 115pp R205.00


An essential parish ministry
Jeanette Jabour, OP

Sr Jeanette shares her experiences of visiting the elderly. Her advice is warm and welcoming, and she is an experienced guide. She believes that this ministry is life-giving, affirming for the elders, and as essential aspect of parish life.
Excellent for parish leadership teams, parish coordinators of visitation programs, and for all involved in the ministry of visiting the sick and elderly.
Paperback 76pp R117.00

Collegeville ministry series - Revised edition
Terence Curley

Offering solace and encouragement to those who grieve is a critical aspect of the church's ministry of mercy and love. In this guide, Fr. Curley pays attention to all of the factors contributing to a grief minister's multifaceted work, including parish support and his or her own loss history. Symptoms of loss, trust, and hints for conversations with the grieving are topics touched by this detailed and sensitive guide. This book is a necessary tool for parishes, hospices, educational institutions, and all those attending to the bereaved.
Booklet 94pp R129.00

Elizabeth Scalia

In an age where the dying are increasingly seen as a burden on society--where euthanasia is being touted by some as the "moral," as well as convenient choice--this guide will provide fortitude for your journey. The rich tradition of the Catholic Church and the wisdom of others who have been through this experience before you will provide comfort and encouragement.
Part of the With the Help of Your Catholic Faith... series, Caring for the Dying With the Help of Your Catholic Faith is an excellent resource for family members, friends, hospice volunteers, and other concerned caregivers.
Paperback 63pp R31.00


James Comiskey

Practical suggestions for extending hospitality in sacramental moments while teaching, serving, greeting, or in day-by-day living. 
Chapters are: 
Hospitality: Our Roots and Traditions;“Hospitality: Signs and Earmarks;” Sacramental Moments: Sunday Liturgy;”Sacramental Moments: First Eucharist;”Sacramental Moments: First Reconciliation, Ushering, Teaching,”Serving,”Greeting,”and Day by Day.”Also includes a Conclusion, References, a Litany of Hospitality, a sample Baptismal follow-up Letter, and an Examination of Conscience for a Member of the Assembly.
Booklet 40pp R74.00

10 reflections on the virtue of welcoming
Robert Morneau

This gem of a booklet illustrates the importance of hospitality not only in the parish setting, but also how it carries into our daily lives. A great tool for helping build a more welcoming faith community.
Booklet 24pp R53.00


Collegeville ministry series 
Michael Jordan Laskey

A practical guide meant to help faith communities deepen their commitment to bringing God's compassion to a wounded world. Intended for pastoral leaders and parishioners with a heart for those who are poor and vulnerable, this book includes creative suggestions for starting or expanding social efforts and contains six ready-to-use educational, interactive sessions for new or growing peace and justice committees.
Booklet 102pp R129.00


Collegeville ministry series - Revised edition
Jeffrey Kaster

All church ministries are oriented toward fostering missionary discipleship. Youth ministry focuses this mission on young people. In this new book in the Collegeville Ministry series,  Kaster explores leadership for youth ministry, Christian discipleship, conversion, the theological foundations for youth ministry, the importance of community and belonging, and vocational discernment. 
Kaster looks at the practice of vocational discernment and how it encourages youth ministry to continually help young people discern their gifts, connect them in service to meet the world's deep needs, and foster Christian discipleship. Youth ministry at its best mobilizes the faith community to support young people as they learn to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Booklet 98pp R129.00