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Daniel O’Leary

The Happiness Habit is written for all who believe in humanity - its promise, its passion, its power - and for those who are ready to nourish the divine beauty of their hearts. Beautifully crafted and lovingly presented, it is the perfect gift to give yourself, or someone you care about.
Daniel O’Leary, priest, author and speaker, is grateful for the glimpses given to him about living life to the full. Every day he relies on one or other of these to keep him authentic and free. He is delighted to gather these glimpses together between the covers of this small book and to share them with you.
2016 hc 118pp colour illustrations R230.00 

Daniel O’Leary

Beyond current mindfulness projects, please see this little book as a tonic for your spirit, a healing for your heart, a setting-free of your precious mind. And therefore it carries the promise of a happier life. By guiding you towards a bigger, deeper understanding of who you truly are, and the awesome power of your thinking, it is offering you the gift of renewing your life, of living it more fully and happily.
‘Greet the day early,’ wrote the Sufi mystic Rumi. ‘The dawn has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep. Do not go back to sleep.’ And when you learn those secrets, you never will!
This is a companion to the internationally bestselling book: The Happiness Habit.
An award-winning author of over a dozen books, Daniel O’Leary’s main aim is to teach what is called the ‘sacramental imagination’, the vision of God’s incarnate presence everywhere which transforms our lives. 
2016 hc 114pp colour illustrations R230.00 

Fr Stanley Rother, Martyr from Oklahoma
Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda

Fr Stanley arrived in Guatemala in 1968, and he immediately identified with his parishioners’ simple, farming lifestyle. He learned their languages, prepared them for the sacraments, and cared for their needs. After nearly a decade, the violence of the Guatemalan civil war found its way into the peaceful village of Santiago Atitlan. Disappearances, killings and danger became daily occurrences, but despite this unrest Fr Stanley remained hard at work, building a farmers’ co-op, a school, hospital, and the first Catholic radio station, used for catechesis.
In early 1981, his name was on a death list, so he returned to Oklahoma and was warned not to go back to Guatemala. But he could not abandon his people, so he went back, and made the ultimate sacrifice for his faith.
An inspiring witness as an icon of Jesus, the Good Shepherd!
“Compelling! Once I picked up Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda’s The Shepherd who didn’t run, I could not put it down. Her comprehensive research is expertly woven into a story that is as engaging as it is edifying.”
- Marge Fenelon, journalist & author
2015 pb 253pp R310.00